Refund Policy

  • Since you get the complete source code of the module on purchasing our products, every sale is considered as final. Our customers are not entitled for any kind of refund, return, exchange or demo copies of our products. Please email us all your concerns and doubts and clarify them before you make a purchase of our products.
  • In case you need difficulty in properly integrating our products or finds it working not properly in your website, we have to get the access details like FTP details, Database info, etc to check the issues.
  • In order to resolve the issues, we need to get the FTP details and Admin login access. Those are mandatory and we won’t allow teamviewer, VPN or any remote desktop access. If you are not willing to give us the FTP details and admin access, when you approach us to solve the issues in module, please don’t purchase the product. We will not provide refund in such situations.
  • Before you buy our products, please read the product details and thoroughly check the demo to make sure that it will cater to your needs. If you find it improper after purchase, and ask us for something else that is not included in the details and demo, we have no responsibility to solve such issues, and you are not entitled for any kind of refund.
  • We provide refunds only if we cannot fix the issues in our module.