Marketz  Pro Multi Vendor (Magento 2.0)

Marketz Pro Multi Vendor (Magento 2.0)

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Compatible with Magento: CE 2.0, CE 2.1

Magento2 Marketz Pro Multi Vendor Module will convert your magento shopping cart into an online Marketplace with separate vendor product collection,commisions and customer rating.

Through this extension, website owners can generate revenue by charging commission from vendors for every single sale of their products. Marketz is fast, easy-to-use and above all, secure and reliable.

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Magento2 Marketz Pro Multi Vendor Module will convert your magento shopping cart into an online Marketplace with separate vendor product collection,commisions and customer rating.


For Admin:

  • Configuration/Settings
    1. Admin can Configure the Marketz module with a valid Activation Key
    2. Can Enable/Disable Module
    3. Can configure Vendor settings,Admin and Vendor Email Settings
  • Manage Vendors.
    1. Manage commission for vendors (Commission can be either a fixed amount or a percent of the product sale).
    2. Approve or deny Vendor
    3. Option to set trusted vendor
    4. Can assign or unassign product to any particular Seller.
    5. Add vendor from existing Customers
    6. Option to view the orders list of each vendor
  • Manage Products
    1. Can view, approve, update, and deny vendor requested products.
    2. option to automatically approve products from trusted vendors
  • Transaction History
    1. Can view transaction history of all vendors from the Admin Panel
    2. Information regarding commission given by the seller to the admin will be displayed.
    3. Fields like Vendor,Order ID,Product Name ,Total Price ,Commision etc will be displayed here.
  • View all Vendor Payment Details
  • View Vendor Queries to admin
  • View Customer Queries to vendor
  • Manage Vendor Reviews
    1. View all Vendor Reviews
    2. Approve or delete Vendor Reviews
  • Instant Email notifications
    1. Can create custom email templates.
    2. Admin can either enable or disable email notifications.
    3. Get email notification for new products,new vendors etc.
For Vendors:
  • Vendor Signup
    1. To become a vendor, a user needs to sign up as a customer first. Then he will get 'Become a vendor' form to fill up. After filling the form, he has to wait for the approval from the admin.
  • Vendor Dashboard
    1. Using vendor dashboard vendor can track his income, latest order and his/her top selling products
    2. Sellers can view the paid amounts and the amount to be paid etc
  • Manage products
    1. Add different Product type for Seller (Simple, Downloadable, Virtual)
    2. Vendor can view/edit products.
    3. Category and sub category assignment from vendor end
    4. Multiple category selection in tree node structure
    5. Filter products from the product list
    6. Vendor can add Special price to products and its available time duration
  • Email Notification
    1. Automatic Notification to vendors when any customer tries to contact the vendor
    2. Get notified on status of your vendor account,approval of your products etc depending on backend configuration
  • Order history
    1. Order details of the seller product will be displayed
    2. Vendors can create shipment for invoiced orders
    3. Vendors can print order details
    4. Add Carrier and Tracking numbers for orders while shipping
  • Can view reviews
  • Promotional Offers
    1. Vendors can add promotion offers to their products
  • Separate seller / vendor profile with Company Logo and Banner
  • Separate vendor's product collection
  • Purchase Option
    1. Vendor can make purchase from store as a customer.
  • Vendor can ask questions/queries to admin
  • Different vendor commission for each vendor
  • Ajax check for vendor / seller shop url
  • Ajax call to notify the Vendor to know the price which displays on Shop
  • Allow the seller to add social media URLs (Facebook,Twitter)
For Customers:
  • Instant email confirmation for customers upon product purchase.
  • Any registered customer can become a seller
  • Buyer can give their reviews on sellers.
  • Can view All Vendors listing.
  • Vendor specific landing page
  • Checkout all vendors' product in one order
  • Separate vendor's product collection
  • Customer can contact to vendor via Contact form
  • View Vendor Rating on Vendor products Page
  • Option to view all products of a specific seller
Release Notes

Initial Release

2017-02-16 12:52:46

Version number: 1.0.0     Stability: Stable     Compatibility: 2.0,2.1


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