6 Important Tips to Increase Your Mobile Commerce Value and Usage

Mobile commerce has become a decisive factor in the success of eCommerce businesses as the number of smartphone users continues to grow rapidly. Every e-retailer should focus some of their efforts into mobile commerce as another avenue for their customers to reach them. Here are some useful ideas that can enhance your sales through mobile commerce.

1. Use Mobile-focused checkout
Checking-out is one of the biggest headaches users accessing mCommerce stores face. Entering payment details on checkout pages can be an arduous task for mobile users. To avoid this make the checkout page responsive and as simple as possible so that mobile users can make the payment easily. Another option is offering customers the use of mobile wallets.

2. Design Mobile Friendly User Interface
The User Interface of the store should be compatible and streamlined across multiple devices. The UI must be adaptable to different screen sizes so that your store is accessible to multiple customers. If your UI is not mobile friendly, your customer will likely leave the website.

3. Ensure Quick Page Loading
Loading time is a crucial factor in mobile commerce. If your online store takes a long time to load, the user will leave. According to some studies, mobile users don’t wait for more than ten seconds for a page to load. Fast page loading will increase your sales, so make sure that your store loads almost instantly.


4. Promote Mobile Compatible Videos
Research has shown that videos exert a great deal of influence in attracting mobile customers. The use of videos that can be easily streamed on mobile devices is a great promotion technique. Make good product videos and use it thoughtfully throughout your store.

5. Implement Continuous Design Patterns
This design pattern is more suitable in mobile devices because mobile users are usually reluctant to navigate to different pages for information. This is not the case when using a desktop. We recommend you use continuous or infinite scrolls on pages; this will keep customers on your page.

6. Give Focus on Mobile Marketing
Mobile advertising is growing faster and you need to get on top of it to boost your sales. You have to develop a mobile marketing strategy, and support it with continual investment and adjustments.You need to identify mobile marketing opportunities and quickly capitalize on them. These are the must-do strategies you need to adopt to enhance the functionality of your mobile online store.

"The future is mobile and you need think ahead in order to stay ahead in eCommerce business"

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