6 important merchandising tips for every eCommerce business

Merchandising strategy is important in increasing conversion rates. It helps you reach your target audience and convert them to buyers. But a common merchandising strategy will not work for different types of business. Anyway, there are some basics we need to take care. Let's have a look into those points.

1. Provide Good User Experience
Online shoppers don't have the patience to hang around the same website for long. If they find difficulty in using your store, they will move to another one. So make your online storefront as much user friendly as possible. Easy navigation, fast loading, clear CTAs, advanced search and mobile-friendliness are must.

2. Use Quality Design and Visuals
A store with a beautiful interior and neat arrangements will get more sales than a messy shop. An eCommerce site should follow the same approach. Create an awesome store design and use high quality images. You can entice your customers by placing the important products on the top banner. So product displays make your site visually more appealing and increase the conversion rate.

3. Offer More Product Choices
Customers want choices. So always provide a good range to please the shoppers. The retention rate will be higher if you can regularly add new choices to your merchandise. That will tempt customers to visit again and again. Studies show that eCommerce sites giving more than 2 price points for a type of product gain more sales. The more the number of the related products, the higher is the sales volume. You can also offer new deals, discounts and offers to enhance the client retention.

4. Include Extensive Product Information
Customers are eager to get as much details as possible before deciding to buy a product. So giving all valuable information about a product is an essential strategy. This will make you more credible and give confidence to customers to make a purchase. Live chat is a viable option to give immediate response to customer queries.

5. Recommend Products
Product recommendation is an important merchandising strategy. Get your customers purchasing and browsing history to understand their favorite products. This will help you recommend products they wish to buy. Cross-selling and up-selling can also make tremendous impact on the sales rate. Unbxd is a highly useful tool you can use to provide personalized product recommendation to customers.

6. Allow Customer Reviews
Customer reviews play crucial role in convincing a shopper to buy a product. If you allow reviews, it will help customers take an easy decision. So always give importance to customer reviews.

These are the six basic merchandising strategies that every eCommerce business has to follow. However, you always have to keep in mind that you need to review your merchandising efforts and adjust the strategies on a regular basis. The strategy that works for one site may not be effective in another one. So, you should never stop reviving your strategies based on the results you are getting.

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