Magento Launches A New Community Initiative: Magento Masters

Magento is all set to launch its new formal program, Magento Masters. The announcement was made by Mark Lavelle, the CEO of Magento Commerce, at MagentoLive France on February 2, 2016. The objective of the new initiative is to identify and support the best individual contributors in the Magento Community.

2015 was an outstanding year for Magento Community. On her latest blog, Sherrie Rohde, Community Manager at Magento, gives a short description of exciting achievements made by Magento Community last year. It created more than 2500 pull requests for Magento 2.0 on Github. They could successfully present around 500 talks, produce more than 100 podcast episodes, conduct conferences and gatherings in various countries, publish 3 books, release innumerable blog posts, and so on.

“Today’s announcement is the culmination of over six months of research and strategic planning to develop an initiative that elevates our most active community members, recognizes them for their contributions, and empowers them to help others learn more about the Magento platform and to succeed in our ecosystem.”, says Sherrie Rohde.

Magento Masters will have three different categories: Makers, Mentors and Movers. Regular and active contributors recognized by Magento and community members will be added to the ‘Makers’. ‘Mentors’ will be the members who have in-depth knowledge on building complex Magento implementations, and find time and pleasure in educating others. ‘Movers’ include the innovators among community members. They influence the industry by introducing new thoughts and developing innovative Magento solutions. Movers are influencers and advocate for Magento across various event platforms.

How Magento Masters Program will be beneficial to its members?

The members will be recognized formally at Magento’s annual Imagine conference. They will be rewarded with opportunities to participate in special events. They can avail discounts on events and certifications, and take part in community feedback opportunities and quarterly calls with the Magento team.

What is the selection process of Magento Masters Community?

The members will be added to the Magento Masters program only through a meticulous selection process. To be a part of this initiative, a community member must have a record of active participation and contributions in Magento Forums, StackExchange, Magento-based events, Magento codebase, translations, etc. Magento U certification will also be considered as a plus. His committed effort to improve the Magento ecosystem and promote the technology is the factor that matters the most.

Magento Masters program will select the members annually and formally induct them at Imagine conference. The nominees for 2016 Class of Magento Masters will be announced within two weeks.

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