How to choose between Magento Community and Magento Enterprise editions for your eCommerce website?

Is Magento Enterprise edition worth a shot? How it differs from Magento Community edition? Online store owners and aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs always ask these questions in order to make accurate business decisions. In this blog, by taking you through the details of both editions, we are trying to help you make the perfect choice for building your eCommerce website.

What are the major features of Magento Community Edition?

Magento Community edition is an open source software which is free to download and gives outstanding features to website owners. It’s highly sturdy and flexible eCommerce platform. Community edition is more suitable to developers and merchants who are ready to take up the technical challenges it raises to build and manage the website.

Mind-Blowing Feature richness

Magento Community Edition has lots of features that makes it unique and highly popular among eCommerce businesses. One of the most important features is its permission to get even the code-level access to files. It will help a developer modify the portal with complete freedom and flexibility. Unlike hosted platforms like Volusion, Shopify, etc the code is uploaded completely on your web browser so that nobody else can get confidential data like client information, products, pricing, etc.

Another attractive feature is its web services API that allows you to connect to other systems without any hassle. It also has pre-integrated mobile HTML5 and it will help you gain the advantage of mobile commerce revolution. Its codes will work well in mobile devices.

Availability of more than 8000 extensions makes Magento Community attractive to users. This gives them a lot of options to customize their site in the way they want. In API integration, Magento allows you to interact with different databases, other stores, Google merchant, product feeds and so on.

With one common site management system, Magento allows users to have multiple stores. This is a unique feature that distinguishes Magento from other eCommerce platforms. Moreover it gives multiple store views for each store.

Persistent shopping cart is a major feature of Magento Community edition. I helps customers keep the track of items added to the cart by a customer. Moreover, it saves the details till the users try to login again. Pricing options provided by Magento Community is also an exemplary feature. Site owners can avail numerous pricing options from this free edition.

Magento Community also offers comprehensive analytics and reporting options. In addition to general reports, you can also get details about sales totals, best selling products, abandoned carts, new customers, etc. You can easily manage international commerce and multiple languages with Magento Community. Shipping and commerce to almost all countries can be enabled without much effort. You can also integrate Paypal as payment option in Magento Community.

Magento Community analytics and reporting

Another fascinating feature of Magento Community is the product configuration options it offers. lt includes product name, price, minimum advertised price, cost, tier price, special price, short & long descriptions, SKU, images, SEO elements, digital downloads, gift messages, URL keys, custom attributes and many more. Magento Community also offers up-selling and cross-selling options. In addition to all these, Magento Community provides all basic SEO tools which are necessary to promote your online store.


These are only a few of those excellent features Magento Community edition provides to its users. Now let’s have a look at what more the enterprise edition has to offer.

Advantages of Magento Enterprise over Magento Community?

Magento Enterprise edition has all the features of Magento Community. In addition to that, Magento Enterprise has many extra features.

Faster re-indexing of catalogues makes Magento enterprise 80% faster than Magento Community. For a site having thousands of products, site speed is highly important. Otherwise, potential customers will skip your website and move to your competitor’s online store.

Full page caching is another feature that is not available with Community edition. Full page caching creates snapshots of each page which are static and based on HTML. This increases the loading time of the web page. With it pages can load in 1-2 seconds. Without it, it may take up to 5-8 seconds.

Rolling back to the previous version after making changes to your Magento Community sites is extremely difficult. However, with Magento Enterprise, it’s very easy. It saves backup and you can go back to the previous state even if you have made changes in the live server. You can also get better scalability with Enterprise. It help you keep different parts on different servers. Magento Enterprise makes it easier to have a scalable website, and separate the parts and pieces onto different servers.

In Magento Community, calculating tax is not easy for a company which has operations in many states and more than one country. At the same time, with Magento Enterprise, you can do it easily. It has an advanced Tax Calculation System.

Magento Enterprise provides a faster checkout which is more streamlined than in Magento Community. Faster checkout is highly crucial in enhancing sales. So Enterprise can help you gain that advantage. Advanced Administrator feature in Enterprise edition allows you to create separate admin access to different websites that come under one system. Quick and easy Management of Customer Attributes is another plus.

One of the most beloved features of Magento Enterprise is Enhanced Marketing Segmentation to customers. It enable you to present more personalized experiences to your customers. It will help you make attractive offers to different customers based on their interests and experience with your site to incite more purchasing actions from them.

Moreover it has options to create private sales, integrate gift registry, offer store credits or gift cards, get built-in return management authorization, use built-in automated email, create multiple landing pages, etc. Enterprise edition has many other outstanding features that will make your eCommerce platform more powerful.


Now we can go back to the question: how to choose between Magento Community and Magento Enterprise? As we have already seen Magento Community has plenty of features and it can be apt for some eCommerce businesses. With the support of an expert development team, you can overcome many limitations of Magento Community edition. If you are looking for a real high-level eCommerce system, which has exceptional built-in features, the perfect choice is Magento Enterprise edition.

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