Why Indian E-commerce Should Give More Focus on Mobile Apps ?

‘India will have 500 million internet users by 2017” - thus goes the headline of an article published by Techcrunch in July 2015. The prediction was made by IAMAI-KPMG who estimated that India currently has 350 million internet users. They also foresee a huge rise in the number of mobile internet users. It might grow beyond 314 million in two years! This statistics clearly shows that the smartphone revolution opened up a vast market for e-Commerce companies in the country.

Many companies have already made quick responses to tap the potential offered by the smartphone growth. For example, Myntra has shut down their website to concentrate entirely on the sales through their mobile application. Many other companies also closed their mobile website service and started sales to mobile phone customers through their apps only. Companies like Flipkart and Amazon have said clearly that mobile apps would be the most crucial tool in their business growth.

Amarjit Batra, CEO of OLX.in, one of the most popular classifieds site in India, said that the new generation of internet users was increasingly skipping the desktop and using mobile phones instead. So it’s highly important to have a presence among your target audience and present the services to them in the most sensible way suitable to the medium they use. His company witnessed a remarkable growth in traffic from mobiles - 10 percent in January 2012 to 70 percent in May 2014! For Zomato 55 percent of their traffic comes from mobile phones and they expect it would be 75 percent in two or three years.

Rising popularity of smartphones is not the only reason for this paradigm shift. It also helps to make a more personalized approach in reaching customers. Based on the demographics of users, companies can give them more suitable sales offers. Since phones can locate customers more easily, eCommerce services can reach them with personalized marketing messages that can ensure more conversion. The frequency of engagement with customers is also high in mobile commerce. Thus companies can make a more meaningful and targeted communication with their customers.

Another advantage of mobile app is that it gives a far better user experience than mobile website. The User Interface and navigations will be drastically different from a website, and customers get a superior user experience. This increases the engagement and loyalty of a mobile app customers. Due to all these reasons developing an app has become an inevitable challenge for eCommerce companies. Only having a lovable app can make it a successful business.

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