5 reasons why Facebook store owners need an e-Commerce Website?

Since its inception, Facebook has been playing a very crucial role in e-Commerce business. It serves as a vital tool for promoting online stores. However, slowly people began to convert Facebook itself as an online shopping center. They started creating facebook pages for their stores and managing to sell their products from the page itself. This has become a trend among small to medium entrepreneurs because they can do it with zero investment. Though, it’s a good option to start with, as the business grows, no one can survive without a fully-fledged e-Commerce engine. In this article, we are examining some critical drawbacks of Facebook-only stores.

Product Categorization: If you have products from different categories to sell, Facebook page is not a good option. It doesn’t have any option to create categories and arrange products according to them. For a user, it is extremely difficult to find the products he is looking for. So, for a company selling too many different products, Facebook store is not going to work.

Product Search: Facebook pages have no search option. This increases the pain of a user in digging out a product from an FB store. So potential customers fail to notice your products. Thus you are missing great sales opportunities. ‘Search’ should be an important function, if you want to make your store friendly to users.

On-site Payment: The quick and credible payment system is the crux of the e-Commerce. It helps a buyer to make payments from a site itself exactly like he purchases from a shop. In case of FB pages, customers are redirected to a third party website for payment. This is not a recommended practice in e-Commerce as it increases the burden of a user and affects the credibility of your business. Since user can’t open an account using facebook store, he cannot keep the track of the purchases and payments he makes. It’s the same for the page owner too as keeping records of payments is not easier, if you use a third party website.

Stock Management: This is completely the headache of the store owner. How can you get an idea of your stocks while using an FB page only? Stock management will be a backbreaking job for you, when the sales are gaining a good momentum. So at this stage what you really need is an e-Commerce website with facilities to manage your stock. This will reduce a lot of efforts and give you a clean picture of how your business is performing.

Generating Reports: This is another vital feature that Facebook page lacks. Reports supply you minute details of your store’s performance and help you get an idea of where you are standing now and where you are heading to. With these info, you can understand the issues and make plans to overcome them.

So if you are really serious about your e-Commerce venture, the most important thing is to build an e-Commerce website and use Facebook to promote it. However, the major problem you may be facing is arranging a budget to develop an e-Commerce platform. It costs a lot, of course. So small to medium entrepreneurs need a viable option other than custom building an e-Commerce portal. They can start with economic packages offered by service like Pixafy, Volusion, Cartin24, etc which operate in a SAAS model. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you need any technical knowledge for setting up your e-Commerce store with such services. It’s as simple as creating a blog!

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