5 crucial global eCommerce trends in 2016

2015 was a crucial year for global eCommerce sector. New technologies have been introduced, new strategies has got implemented, new regions have been conquered, and in a nutshell, eCommerce has revolutionized the global market drastically and dramatically.

In this article we would like to present the predictions about eCommerce trends in 2016. Being aware of the latest happenings and upcoming trends are important for eCommerce business owners so that they can make improvisation to their technology and strategy to stay on the forefront of the competition. One of the Forrester research reports says that the US consumers will spend $ 327 billion per year in 2016. To tap this potential market, you need to plan in advance to stay along with the trends.

1. Mobile commerce will remain as the most decisive factor

In 2015, eCommerce businesses were in busy with building their mobile commerce. Many companies permanently shut down their websites and started focusing only on promoting their mobile apps. As the number of smartphone users are increasing da-by-day, mobile commerce will play the key role in 2016 also. The major goals of companies to introduce strategies and technological innovations to get maximum out of the trending mobile commerce.

2.Mobile Wallets will become more popular

Experts predict that mobile wallets will become a more popular payment method in this year. The interest for using mobile wallets among users is increasing. The trend of bridging gap between online and offline shopping is on the rise. The significance of mobile wallets will also grow in parallel to that trend.

3.Automatic Shopping will become a global phenomenon

Like the dash button introduced by Amazon, technologies that can enable automatic shopping will be tested by most of the eCommerce companies. Such options will help people set orders automatically for frequently used home products. This will give a new shopping experience to consumers in 2016.

4.P2P payment will witness more fierce competition

Apple is all set to challenge the dominance of Venmo in peer-to-peer payment apps space. Companies like Google, Square and Facebook are also trying to make their mark in P2P. This will definitely bring more innovativeness into this area.

5.Multiple channel marketing will be more crucial

Omni channel retailing or multi channel marketing and retailing will get more attention from eCommerce businesses since multichannel customers tend to shop more frequently than single channel customers. Moreover people are using many devices including desktops, tablets and mobile phones to access internet and make online purchases.

As per the pundits in the industry, these are going to be the major trends in eCommerce allover the world in 2016. Stay in tune with us for more updates on eCommerce.

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