Effective content strategy for your eCommerce website

Content strategy has crucial role in the success of any online business. Shaping an effective content strategy is one of the major challenges before an eCommerce company. As the competition is getting tougher and tougher day-by-day, they way you treat your content is going to be the decisive factor behind the success. However, most of the eCommerce companies fail to consider the importance of content strategy. They believe that it’s mean for online publishing businesses only.

Developing and implementing a content strategy is not an easy task, and most of the companies get stuck. But it has to be done ambitiously to enhance the site traffic, improve search engine rankings, promote the brand, increase conversion rates and, above all, the sales. We are trying to share with you some significant points you should take care while developing a content strategy for your eCommerce website.

1. Give power to users over your content throughout a sale process.

Your customers should feel that the control is in their hands in each stage of a sales process. You have to create the content in such a way that your users should be guided in every step. The site should help them make a good research on the products they are looking for. It can be done with good use of images and interactive content. You can give content that explains how they can find the perfect product from your website. When they enter to next steps, your content should be able to help them complete it without any hassle. By efficiently using the content, you can give them the feel of great control over the process.

2. Creating Awareness is important to generate sales.

People should make a purchase only when they get a good awareness of the product. They have to know the pros, cons and usage details of the product. So providing maximum valid information is crucial in persuading them to take a purchasing decision. They should also feel that the information you are giving is true. Nowadays the customers are smart enough to understand the false claims of the sellers.

Awareness, research and evaluation are the first three stages of a sales funnel. So giving valuable information is highly important in completing these steps and move on to the last, that is, purchase.

3. Make website more interactive to enhance shopping experience.

Today, people do shopping not just to purchase products. Instead, they are looking for an enjoyable experience. Therefore, giving an outstanding shopping experience to customers is a must for developing a successful e-Commerce business. This can be achieved by making site more interactive and the experience personalized.

Integrating a blog is a good option. That will help users get more information and gather more details by commenting. A discussion forum, and options to add their reviews will augment the rate of interactions. Adding a Q&A session is another important tool that can make your site more customer-focused.

4. Give detailed product descriptions.

Good write up about a product is highly important. You have to add engaging descriptions that can incite a user to go on and purchase the item. Please go through some good practices of writing compelling descriptions.

  • The content should be appealing for the potential customer. So you need to understand the likes and dislikes of your target audience before writing the content.
  • Do never forget to include the features and advantages. The customers want to know how it can solve his issues in the best manner. ]
  • Add product reviews, ratings, testimonials, and news stories as proofs to your claims.
    What is the unique selling proposition (USP) of your product? Tell it to your potential buyers to convince them about how it differs from the competitors.
  • Use simple but attractive images.
  • Use keywords judiciously.
  • Do never stuff your content with keywords. But diligent use of keywords can improve the visibility in search engine results.
  • A nice, neat layout can attract customers and make them read the entire content. Make it less cluttered always.


These are some vital points you should be aware of while creating a content strategy for your e-Commerce website. It should be informative, trustworthy, pervasive and personalized. Content must be able to handhold the customer throughout all stages in the sale process. It can help them make correct purchasing decisions. If you can do that through your content, there is no doubt that your customers will love your website for sure.

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