5 of the Best Magento Responsive Slider Extensions

When you build a Magento eCommerce store, responsive banner sliders that work on all devices are an inevitable part of the process. You need these slideshows to highlight special offers, featured clients, products and other important notices that you want your customers must never miss. Here we would like to provide some brilliant responsive slider extensions for your Magento store.

1.Responsive Dynamic Slideshow - Price: $29

This is an easy to use slider and doesn’t require advanced technical knowledge to manage. Using this plugin you can add a slideshow on any page of your website.

Main Features

  • Any number of images
  • Separate title for each image
  • Unique description to each image
  • Hyperlink to different pages from the images
  • Manual control over image order
  • Customization for slideshow height and width

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2.Cartin24- Responsive Banner Slider - Price: $19

This slider extension is a product from popular SaaS eCommerce platform, Cartin24. It uses one of the best responsive content sliders, Slippry 2.0. The major highlight of this extension is that it’s conflict-free. Moreover, it’s easy to install and manage for non-technical person.

Main Features

  • Fully responsive banner with zero jQuery conflict
  • Options to add slideshows on whichever page you want
  • Different settings for different slideshows created
  • Easy installation and management
  • Manual control over image order
  • Customization for slideshow height and width
  • Uses Slippry 2.0
  • Options to add link to each slide
  • Compatible with most browsers

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3.Banner Slider - MageHIT - Price: $29

This is also a cool responsive slider extension. It is lightweight and doesn’t affect the
page loading. Moreover it allows you to set times for enabling and disabling the display
of the slider. It will be automatically be disabled from the page when the time you set is

Main Features

  • Completely open-source
  • Options for customizing sliding effects
  • Hyperlinking from banner image
  • Options to add content and title on image
  • Good browser compatibility
  • Easy to install and upgrade
  • HTML/CSS validation
  • Support for multiple languages

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4.Banner Slider Manager - Price: $20

This extension has many customizing options like adding transition effects, play/pause
options, setting up height & width of banner etc.

Main Features

  • Unlimited images
  • Option to add slider on any page you want
  • Customization options including transition effects, call to action buttons,content, title, link and so on
  • Adjustment in font color and size
  • Option to preview the slideshow
  • Cross-browser compatibility

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5.Professional Banners and Categories Banners - Price: $49.9

This extension has a wide range of features. It provides you a lot of customization options like linking more than one category to single banner, setting transition period and time delay. You can avail advanced transition effects with this plugin. It’s easy to install and upgrade.

Main Features

  • Support for multiple stores
  • Support various languages
  • 100% open-source
  • Option to manage the image order
  • Feature to add content, link, title, etc
  • Slide transition options
  • Feature to set banner size
  • Option to link many categories to a single banner

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Now buy any of these plugins and create beautiful responsive banner slideshow for your magento stores.

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