Top 3 Multiple Wishlist Extensions for Your Magento Ecommerce Store

Multiple wishlists are highly useful in managing a customer’s online shopping, it helps them to create and keep separate wishlists for different occasions. For example, if someone wants to create a wishlist with products he wants to shop for the next Christmas, and make another one with products he wants to buy for his relative’s marriage ceremony, a multiple wishlist extension can assist him do it. Integrating such an extension will help you provide personalized shopping experience and make your Magento store more customer friendly. Here we would like to present you the details of some of the best Magento multiple wishlist plugins that worth the money you have to spend.

1. Multiple Wishlists - Price $99.00

This is one of the best multiple wishlists plugins available in Magento Connect. This extension has adopted the same style used in eBay. When a customer wants to add new products to a wishlist, he can use an existing one or create a new list. The wishlists are arranged in tabs so that customers can easily switch among them. The number of wishlists one can create is unlimited. Users can easily move products from one wish list to another. Moreover, they can keep the same product in any number of lists at the same time. This extension gives Admin great control over the wishlists. Although Magento doesn’t give permission to edit customer wishlists and add new products in the backend, Multiple Wishlists extension enable the admin to overcome this limitation.

multiple wishlists magento extension


  • Any number of wishlists
  • Popup to select wishlists while adding new product
  • Options to rename and remove wishlist
  • Option to take product from one wishlist to another
  • Display of custom product options in wishlist
  • Customer can add products from wishlist to cart
  • Keeping product in wishlists after adding to cart is permissible
  • Customers can share wishlists via email
  • Admin can create, rename, delete customer wishlists in backend
  • Option to remove products from customers’ wishlists from backend
  • Admin can turn a customer’s wishlist into read only option
  • Responsive design so that it will be mobile friendly

Check this link to download or get more details: Multiple Wishlists for Magento

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2. Favorite Products by Amasty - Price $79.00

This extension works in a slightly different style. It makes ordering of products from the list of products saved much easier compared to the conventional wishlists. It helps customers save shopping carts to favorite lists. After saving products in the favorite list, customers can order them with just a click. They don’t need to specify the options while doing it and this method increases the conversion rate. With this extension, they can also create multiple favorite product lists. Customers can also view the total price for each list.

To purchase the plugin, please visit: Favorite Products by Amasty

amasty wishlist magento extension

3. Cartin24 Multi-Wishlist - Price $39.00

cartin24 multi wishlist magento extension

This Magento wishlist extension has been launched by popular SaaS eCommerce platform
Cartin24. Multi-Wishlist has all options that you expect from a multiple wishlist extension. You can create unlimited number of wishlists. Each wishlist can be renamed, edited and removed by a customer. Users can add the same product to different wishlists at the same time. Products can be easily moved from one wishlist to another. Moreover, when you add a product to a wishlist, its product options also will be automatically added and displayed in the wishlist. You can also update the options by editing it.

Major Features are:

  • Unlimited number of wishlists
  • Easy to select a wishlist while adding product to wishlist
  • Wishlists can be removed, renamed and edited
  • Customer can interchange products between wishlists
  • Wishlists display product custom options
  • Customers can add any number of products from wishlist to cart
  • Options that enable the sharing of wishlists with friends through email
  • Mobile-friendly layout
  • User-friendly and beautifully designed ‘My Wishlist’ area

To purchase the plugin, please visit: Cartin24 Multi-Wishlist

So, these are a few of the best available Magento extensions with which your customers can
create multiple wishlists in your store. To choose one among them, get more details and
thoroughly study to ensure that it can meet your requirements effectively.

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